Experience The Island....
LOVE The Food!
The Island's Place For Lowcountry Seafood And Cuisine Made The Way
"It Used To Be".

We do not take reservations BUT, here are some tips on getting in without an extended wait!

Imagine going to Universal Studios on Easter weekend. Would you have to wait to ride Harry Potter? Absolutely! You hope the ride would be worth the wait though, right? Same thing here on Hilton Head. It's summertime and most of the popular restaurants are busy. If you decide that you don't want to wait with us, you probably will end up having to wait elsewhere anyway. We really don't like asking you to wait for a table for an extended time, but sometimes it's just that busy. We hope you will find it was worth it though! So.... Onto how to help get ahead an extended wait.

1. Everyone is at the beach during the summer (unless it's raining) so it is rare that we are on a wait during lunch at this time of year. Come on in!

2. EVERYONE seems to want to eat dinner at 7pm. We open for dinner at 4:30 pm and and can be on a wait as early as 5:30, sometimes sooner. So that means, COME EARLY.

3. If we are on a wait, we have a full bar with appetizers
 available, live entertainment, shuffleboard, giant Jenga, the ring thing, and other games for the family in a really nice, quaint Lowcountry setting. Just sit a spell and we'll get you in as quickly as possible!

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY. We really want you to LOVE everything about your meal with us. An owner or manager is always present! If for ANY reason you do not enjoy some portion of your visit, let us know. We are not perfect, but we will do whatever possible to make it right! 

MANY THANKS! We look forward to having you!